Expectations or Expectancy?

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I like how Eugene Peterson expresses the words of Psalm 5:3 – - “Every morning I lay out the pieces of my life on your altar and watch for fire to descend.”  It speaks of a regular self-examination, a real look at the pieces of my life.  (Sometimes it really does feel like it is in pieces!)  It reorients my life in a God-ward direction; it is his altar.  Then there is this powerful sense of expectancy that the God of the universe is interested and will interact with my life.  And things will never be the same.

Much could be said about this verse, but I am drawn to the difference between expectations and expectancy.  Expectations are a powerful force in our lives because they directly shape our response to a given circumstance or situation.  As I thought about my own expectations, I had to admit one thing:  My expectations revolve around one person—me!  What I want or think I need, how I think others should act toward me—it’s all about me.

Expectancy, on the other hand, speaks of waiting for another to act.  In this case, it is God who responds in his time and his way.  That’s one of the mysteries of prayer that at times can drive me crazy!  If I approach God and his altar with expectations, I will most likely be left with a sense of disappointment.  Yet an attitude of expectancy (re)focuses my attention on what God is doing.  I need that.  Every day.

Join us in praying with expectancy for needs and concerns across the North.

Then together we will watch for God’s fire to descend.

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