Fasting For Life

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September 10th is National Suicide Prevention Day.  In order to go on the offensive, we ask that you please mark September 8th as a day of prayer on your calendar.   The Alaska Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church in declaring September 8, 2016 as a “Day for Prayer and Fasting for Life”.  They have developed this 24-hour Prayer Guide for everyone use on that day.

We are joining this endeavor and ask that you partner with us.  We will be sharing short excerpts of the prayer guide every hour on social media on September 8th.  Even if you can’t dedicate the full day to prayer, set aside a portion of time.  Perhaps you can skip lunch, pray fervently during your commute to work, or involve your whole family in the evening before going to bed.

We all echo the desire of our Interim Area Director: 

“My prayer for this winter is that there will not be a single suicide in any of the villages our people minister in. For too long despair has reigned over the lives of so many people, and I long to see our friends and neighbors set free through a relationship with Jesus.
Together in the Battle,
                                    -Jim Stamberg”


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