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Sometimes the simplest thought can strike a chord.  Danilo John told me, “You have to find out for yourself what God wants you to do.”  For him, that meant taking a year before starting college to experience full-time ministry in another culture.  He left the familiar comforts of Germany to serve in a remote Alaskan village, and in so doing found more direction for the next step in his life.  That is what struck me, stepping out in faith means going into the unknown, and yet that leap brings to light the step that follows.   The only way to find out is to step out; it continues beyond when you start out even to the point of when it is time to step down.

George and Cheryl Reichmann faithfully served God in Alaskan radio ministry.  Instead of staying where they were comfortable, they stepped out.  The second half of their ministry career was in evangelism through Seaman’s Mission.  At the end of August, George and Cheryl stepped down from full-time ministry to enter retirement, still another step of faith into the unknown.

This truth is not just for the beginning or end of ministry.  Dr. Barry Rempel found out that God can have other plans when things seem to be at their best.  SEND North was growing with Barry as our Area Director when God nudged his family into new ministry direction.  It encourages me that there is no coasting in following Jesus.  You always have to stay close to his side, listen to his voice, and continually find out for yourself what God wants you to do.

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