Food Prices Double - Ukraine Crisis Story

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March 14, 2022

Our Pastor sent you his thanks. You cannot imagine how people are tearfully thanking you! And they have requested to personally write to thank you.

“Today being left without work in my city, I understand that any means to live can only come to us through a miracle. Through friends. Praise God, my family (my wife and three kids) are now out of Ukraine and in the care of good people. For myself, considering today’s wartime prices for groceries, a purchase meant to last two weeks is almost double. I can economize by consuming whatever food previously canned/preserved is left (for example potatoes and pickles stored in the root cellar). But even with that, the help was so relevant in other ways. In addition, I visit people- neighbors, church members. For them this time is also not so sweet. Yesterday I helped one of the brothers from our church. I passed onto him some money to fix his car. With this car, he’s been serving as a volunteer, delivering medicine, and food. A huge thank you for this help!”