Formula for Babies - Ukraine Crisis Story

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Please pray for the mothers of infants and children in Ukraine. Here is an update from a seminary partner:

Please accept our most sincere gratitude for your generous help and constant prayers for peace in Ukraine. Each day of life is a gift from the Lord, so we thank Him that we are living, moving and breathing!! Our evangelistic ministry continues. Though our care and love for refugees, we are thrilled to see how God is working in their hearts. I am happy that in a conflict zone, right now, there are people ministering in Christ’s name. God led me to these people. During the week we took them humanitarian aid and they passed it out to help people.

In the last few days, we have taking 200 people from a conflict zone. Praise God! Yesterday I received a call from a volunteer. He works in a maternity hospital. He told me that there is a great need for formula for babies. This is especially important for babies 0 to 12 months. He told me that many mothers in the conflict zone, who have recently had babies are not producing milk. It is connected to the nervous system. So, there is a great need for baby food and formula. We purchased as much as we could find. It was not easy. There is not much available in the stores. The factory that makes this food has closed so there is not much formula. So we called around to the nearby cities to see who could buy some and get it to us. Today, I purchased an entire car of supplies and tomorrow we will again deliver it to the conflict zone. Pray for us as we drive and for our ministry!