Fueling Hope - Ukraine Crisis Story

Van loaded with supplies for Ukrainians
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Your gifts to Help Ukraine are SENDing Help and Hope to local churches who are providing supplies and transportation to people who are fleeing to safety.

From one of our many church partners in Ukraine:

Our deacon and volunteers are currently taking four trips weekly, driving 3700+ miles per week, between our city in the southwest near Romania and one of the conflict zones. Believers are banding together and providing supplies (food, diapers, medicine, etc.) to fill the large van. We drive those supplies to needy people. And then fill the van with people (16 each time) and bring them west, often times caravanning together with other people/vehicles. Praise the Lord, the needed supplies are currently being provided by local believers. But the van/transportation/fuel costs are adding up significantly. Our weekly fuel costs are $950. For safety, we are regularly servicing the van (every 10,000kms).