Helping the Hurting - Ukraine Crisis Story

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March 19, 2022

God continues to answer prayers and use your gifts to send Help and Hope to Ukraine. Thank you!

From a SEND church partner: 

“This morning a young family arrived from Kharkiv, a husband, wife and young son. They got out of the bus and stood in the street and they weren't able to move, they just stood there, and not for a short time. In their eyes they had tears. I tried to talk with them but they answered back with unreal effort. To watch it was very painful. Their eyes told all the horror that they had endured in Kharkiv. We found a place for them in our church. And even this evening, when I saw them again, in their eyes was the same pain. Every moment their eyes are tearing up, because their souls are crying. These are the kind of people we are serving every day, and thank you that are near, that you are with us, so we can show God's love and give them hope in God. May God protect us."