From a simple drink, friendship and healing flow

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By Jami G. in Ulan-Ude, Siberia

As a family, we prayed: “Lord, bring someone into our lives who is open to You.” The days turned warm and the kvass stands appeared. Our kids love kvass, a fermented bread water that Russians drink in the summer, so almost every day we stopped by a stand run by a woman named Ayuna.

The “kvass lady” quickly became our friend. She started calling often and invited us to her home in the village. She came to our church and home group a few times. I knew in my heart that God had given Ayuna to us as a gift — an answer to that prayer!

Kvass stand

One of Jami's girls enjoys a cup of kvass and a hug from Ayuna.

One day this summer, Ayuna contacted me, frantic. Her 6-year-old daughter, Alina, had a terrible headache and fever and was taking an ambulance from their village a few hours away to the city. We soon learned that she had tick-borne encephalitis and that her prognosis was grim. Ayuna asked me to pray.

We made this need known to friends all over the world, and the response was incredible! The Lord placed this little girl on the hearts of many.

One night when Alina was in critical condition, I couldn’t sleep and felt strongly that this struggle was not just physical, but also a spiritual battle. I cried out to the Lord for Alina’s life and for the salvation of this dear family, and I took comfort in knowing that many others were praying, too. We watched in amazement as Jesus took little Alina out of her comatose state, returned movement to her limbs and nursed her back to health in a way that amazed even the doctors.

Ayuna wrote me this text message: “I don't know what to say! God is helping us! And all who are praying for us! I am so thankful for all of these people. These prayers are saving us.”

There is no denying the miracle that God has done, and we praise Him for it! Please continue to pray that Ayuna and her family would completely put their trust in Jesus.