Be a part of Transformation

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By Rick K. in Russia — Drug addicts looking for freedom, teens looking for meaning and believers looking for training find what they seek at Transformation Christian Center.

TCC is one of a kind — the only Christian center in Russia’s Central Black Soil Region. This area remains one of Russia’s least-evangelized regions; only 0.2 percent of its 8 million residents are evangelical Christians.

TCC occupies a three-story building on 3.5 acres of forested land. The structure stood dormant for a decade and was badly vandalized before the Russian mission Tree of Eternal Life Association bought it in 2000.

Because the building has been only partially renovated, TCC’s ministries operate in limited space. Still, it manages to host a drug-rehabilitation center, a biblical training center, camps and conferences. But, with further renovations, so much more could be done.

With more space, TCC would be able to expand its camping program, train additional students for ministry, help more drug addicts and alcoholics, facilitate retreats for adults and youth, and host conferences and seminars focused on pastoral ministry, marriage enrichment, church development and leadership training.

SEND International considers TCC a high-priority project because, once the construction is complete, the center will give Russian Christians a greater resource for evangelizing the lost, making disciples and training leaders.