In A Boat

Tags: Discipleship, Missionary Life, SEND North, Story

Another important tool to survival and ministry in the Far North is a boat. Many villages are located on vast river networks that provide food, travel, and ministry opportunities. One teammate saw God provide in great ways to expand his boat and related ministries.

"In recent years they came to realize there is never enough room in their 18ft boat for all the people and needed gear for subsistence activities. With just 10 people (including kids) and that boat is filled to capacity. Last summer God provided both the funds for a bigger boat and the needed sale of the old boat in a relatively short period of time. As a result, a new boat was purchased in late August. The plan to bring it down the Yukon last fall was put on hold since the builder was not able to get it done before the freeze up. (boat in construction pictured above)

Now there is a ministry “boat trip” being planned to go along with delivering the new boat to our teammate's home. They will be heading down the Yukon River in the summer of 2021! The boat is almost complete and the needed crew is ready to sail. As it is planned, they will travel about 200 miles per day for 5 days. That will equate to about $500/day in fuel costs (village fuel prices can be higher than $7/ gal) and a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong. So please pray for wisdom in planning, safety on the trip, for all the guys to grow closer to God during the experience, and all the needed finances to come together."