In Case of Emergency

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I saw this picture on a friend’s Facebook wall yesterday.  It comes up as his Facebook memory from 2013 when a devastating flood hit Galena Alaska.   If you want a small indication of how bad it was, that is his blue Ford Bronco in the middle of the picture.  All of this pulled up more memories of the amazing things God did through groups like SEND North to bring aid and restoration to the community of Galena.  At the same time, another flood hit Ross River in Yukon, Canada.   In cases of emergency, we all pull together really well.

One of the strengths of organizations like SEND North is that we have a strong network of churches, believers, and other agencies.  When emergencies hit, we can be a valuable resource.  All of this opens up incredible doors for God’s love to invade lives.   In Galena, one our teammate’s rental home was damaged, and God provided another after the town recovered.  This new rental home was so perfect for ministry use that we raised the funds to purchase it.  It is now a ministry hub and not just a home.  God can bring good out of any situation.

There is one other issue which comes to mind as I view the picture above; preparedness.  It behooves us to be prepared ahead of time for the emergency.  

Please consider pulling together with us to maintain a Recovery Fund so we can respond faster the next time disaster strikes.  (Online giving portal coming soon.)

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