Let Your Light Shine

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Think back to when you first met Jesus.  It was a time of great joy and freedom, wasn’t it?  Next, do you recall a time when you struggled to follow Him because of the influence of old friends?  They may have meant well, but they just didn’t desire to follow God, and they were holding you back.  What did you do?

For many Christians, there comes a time when they have to leave old friends, change jobs, or even move to break free from ‘the old man’ and start to live free in Christ.  What do you do when you can’t leave?  I’m not talking about when one can’t because it is emotionally too hard.  I mean when it is not physically possible!  That makes spiritual growth more challenging, doesn’t it?  For most of the believers we work with, this is what they are facing.

We work in small, very ‘tight-knit’ communities in Alaska and Northern Canada. Relationships are essential for survival.  It is a very confusing and difficult thing to readjust a relationship, especially if it was unhealthy to begin with.  The graph above also shows that we are working in places where believers are greatly outnumbered. So it is an up hill battle when they must go against cultural traditions that are contrary to Scripture.  The reality they face is very difficult.  This reminds me of the words penned by the Apostle Paul;

We are hard pressed on every side,  but not crushed; perplexed,  but not in despair;   persecuted,  but not abandoned;  struck down, but not destroyed. - Corinthians 4:8-12

Please be in prayer for the believers in the 60/70 Window who struggle to experience the true freedom found in Jesus Christ.  Pray for encouragement, strength and boldness.  Pray also that their light will shine bright so the Church will grow and together we can push back the darkness!

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