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A lot can happen when a few key words are spoken at just the right time.

On Friday, Mission Network News included SEND North in their newscast.  MNN is a Christian news feature that airs on Christians stations all over the country.  They also posted an in-depth blog which you can read here:

They highlighted a term that is relatively unknown which we know all too well:  "The 60/70 Window".  This is where we work and it is where the need is great.  I would encourage you to click that link above and read the article.  It is amazing what people notice when looking with an outside perspective.  

So far we have seen two encouraging results of this newscast: 1) The day this broadcast aired, a man walked into our Anchorage office and said, "I heard about you on the radio and I want to help." 2) Greg Yoder, the host of MNN, is making plans to come to Alaska in May to take a closer look.  Please pray that this trip comes together well and God's work is advanced because of it.

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