Louis' story

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“I thank the Lord Jesus that He changed my life and made me a Christian. I hope that I will be worthy of that name.” – Louis at his baptism

Three years ago when Irene showed up at English class in Chang Hua City, no one would have guessed that her boyfriend, Louis, would be the first to trust Christ and be baptized. 

It always seemed that Irene was the one interested in spiritual things and Louis just tagged along to class and Bible study and church to be with her. As the oldest son, Louis has the responsibility in his family to carry on the ancestor worship. Many men in this situation turn away from the gospel because it would jeopardize their relationship with their family.

But Louis was persistent. He came with questions. He came to listen. He would often stop by our house to chat with us. He wanted to know how he could follow Christ. He wanted us to pray for him. What a wonderful day it was when Louis told us that he had decided to give his life to Christ!

I remember the day that he told me he had gathered his family members, including his dad, brother and grandfather, to tell them that he was a follower of Jesus and wanted to be baptized soon. His family is very democratic in decision making, but had many objections. Three months later, Louis carried through with this decision and followed the Lord in baptism! It has been exciting to be part of Louis’ journey.

Irene was at the baptism to celebrate with Louis, but she has yet to put her faith in the Lord. It is our earnest prayer that she will soon join Louis in professing her faith in Christ. We so desire to see young couples loving and serving the Lord together. 

Chang Hua City is one of the 60 cities and villages that SEND International of Taiwan has identified as the least-reached areas as part of our Vision 119 outreach strategy. Would you pray with us for Irene to come to faith in Christ and for this couple to have an impact among their friends and family for the gospel?  

We are trusting the Lord to raise up another 114 new workers to join us in the coming 20 years to help carry out this Vision 119 of going into these 60 areas and planting churches among the least reached. Would you pray with us about your part in this movement of the Lord? Explore opportunities to serve in Taiwan. 

— Will & Suzy Brown