Ministry Twister

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How does this game relate to ministry?

I’m sure you remember this game from your childhood.  The goal is to win by bending over backwards and trying not to become a tangled mess.  This is a great game to play as a kid, but it gets a little harder to navigate as an adult. Flexibility in the joints slips away.  Hopefully our emotional flexibility increases with age and experience.

We have a goal to share the truth about Jesus with those in another culture which takes flexibility.  Obviously, this covers trying new foods, learning a new language, and adapting to different body language cues.  It also covers the small things like serving in an area of weakness.   Here is a great example that our teammates recently experienced.

“We have volunteered to lead morning worship at the church.  It has been challenging since neither of us plays an instrument fluently.  We have two ladies here that play the piano and organ, which we are thankful for.  Although a couple Sundays ago, both of those ladies were out of town, so we led the morning worship service acappella.  Flexibility is key to life out here, and we thank the Lord that it went well.”

Are you willing to be flexible and stretch yourself to go out of your comfort zone?  Take it from us, life is much more fun when you do.  You will see God do amazing things beyond what you could ever ask or imagine!

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