Northern Ministry Training

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Those ministering in the Far North work hard!

They face a host of heartbreaking statistics played out in the lives of those they have come to love. Violence, drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, sexual abuse, incarceration, and broken families are just some of the realities of working in bush ministry. Servants working in the North must face these challenges while working amid an ancient culture experiencing a modern revival. They must navigate sharing the Gospel in a community that has synergistic roots and where history places them as an unwelcome outsider. These hurdles take place, mainly in isolation, in a harsh climate and an expensive, remote setting.

Does that sound exhausting to you?  Well, it is, and it is more than worth it.  That is why SEND North works to make sure people are not lost to ministry burn out.  Even though our teammates come with solid Bible College and general cross-cultural training, we have found that something more is needed.  This is why we members of our team took the leap many years ago and began Northern Ministry Training.  While our people birthed it, NMT is an independent ministry serving anyone ministering in Alaska.  God is using this annual event to make a measurable difference in the Far North.

At this time, no other training like this exists in Alaska to teach and train servants for the particular issues of Northern Ministry. Northern Ministry Training is essential to the long-term health of Alaskan ministry and those who serve in the North.  The next round of classes begins May 26, 2018

Please pray for God’s hand of guidance and protection during this vital training event.  Please share this link with anyone you know who is doing ministry in Alaska: