Not Abandoned

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A letter of gratefulness from one of our church partners:

"From the start of the war our city was surrounded on 3 sides by the Russian army. Many times it was shelled. Many buildings were ruined, and many people died including women and children. We had about 150 rockets that landed. In the time of more active fighting people didn’t have electricity, water, heat, gas, food, medicine, or hygiene items. Thanks to your help, we were able, not just to give people food, medicine and hygiene items, but also hope that God did not abandon them...

"He cares for them through brothers and sisters in Christ who, although they are removed by distance, they have open hearts and are not indifferent to our grief. Thanks to your help, especially in the first days of war when there was nothing left in the stores and it was even impossible to buy diapers for babies, by God’s mercy we were able to obtain what was necessary and many people came to the church for help. This was a priceless help! People will never forget it. We will never forget the look in peoples’ eyes who, thanks to your help, were literally kissing bread and with tears in their eyes were thankful that the Lord, through you, was taking care of them.

"Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank you, dear brothers and sisters. We are praying that the Lord would never forget your deeds of mercy.

"With respect, love, and thankfulness, and hope for further partnership,
Pastor MS"