Not believers yet, but interested

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“We’ve had 50 years of communism so we need to hear about God now.” For six years, administrators of a public high school on the outskirts of Moscow have welcomed SEND global worker Brenda B. to teach English every other week. They know she’s religious and give her the freedom to speak on anything she wants.

One Easter during class, Brenda wrote on the board, “Bad things happen to good people. It only happened once.” She then asked the students to discuss. They asked her how she defines good and bad and she turned the question back to them. Finally, one girl connected it to Jesus and the cross. He was the only truly good person and didn’t deserve to die.

One student in the class told his parents about the lesson and they wanted to meet Brenda and her husband, Phil. They are a very intelligent family with almost everyone working in healthcare as doctors and surgeons.

Over the years, Phil and Brenda have developed a strong friendship with the whole family. The family has come to Alaska to visit them three times. Their son went to a Christian camp there and they even asked Phil and Brenda to do a Bible study while they visited.

A few months after the family's last visit to Alaska, the grandfather had a stroke. They asked Phil and Brenda to come to the hospital to pray for him. Afterward everyone returned to the family’s home where there was a huge meal set out. While they ate, one family member asked Brenda, “Why do we even live?”

Brenda told her, “We live to glorify God.” The woman wanted to hear more, so Phil started to share the gospel. Other family members and friends arrived and asked Phil to start over again so they could hear the whole thing. For six hours, Phil talked about salvation in Jesus.

So far, no one in the family has responded to the gospel. Please pray for them. They are not believers yet but are interested.

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