Off the Grid

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A member of our Canadian Team recently addressed a recurring question in their update.  Have you ever wondered…

 “… why do folks choose to live in such a remote, small community?  Much of it has to do with lifestyle – no crowds, no lines, sense of family, and numerous outdoor activities.  One reason we’ve run into is to be left alone.  ‘Alone-ness’ can be accomplished in a huge city as well, but here they can do so without the chaos and pace of city life.  For whatever reason they (almost always men) do not wish to be social, rarely (never) attend a community event, and venture across town a day or so per week only to get their mail.  Inclusion is offered but hardly ever accepted.

This trait was common when we lived in Alaska, with individuals, even families, desiring to live ‘off the grid’ – way off.  Encountering a similar mindset here has us once again asking, “How do we break into these lives?”  While respecting that lifestyle, we also wish to touch base with them at some level.  Several of them will be receiving a Christmas hamper compiled by town-wide contributions.   Obviously, we desire a spiritual connection of any sort, and needing to sort through past baggage is not uncommon.  Believing God can reach and change anyone, we pray that He will penetrate these lives and that we’d be ready and willing to intercede with these hard-to-reach quiet types.

But not everyone is built this way.  One of the reasons we enjoy living here is the opportunity to use our gifts and talents in any number of ways.  The number of volunteer opportunities in a small town knows no bounds.  Sure, there are days when I dream of getting away from it all, sitting in a warm and sunny environment, removed from all the stresses and responsibilities.  But knowing me, that escape will last about a month, and then I’d be looking to engage somewhere again.

We hope that these winter days aren’t so cold that we need to cancel activities or that it threatens a trip to the big city for shopping or an airport pickup {another challenge of living in the 60/70 window}.  The wood stove is working hard, the hot chocolate is steaming, and we pause to say once again ‘thank you’ for being such a rich part of our lives.”

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