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You all know by now that aircraft are a big deal in the #6070window.  That is what drew Jimmy Tidmore to connect with our Area Director, Jim Stamberg, on Twitter.  That lead to a few emails about ministry and then a phone interview which became the second episode of The Plane Faith Podcast

If you are interested in aviation, you will love this podcast.   If you want to get better acquainted with our Area Director, you will enjoy this particular episode.  If you are considering aviation ministry, you must listen to this podcast!   Honestly, there is so much useful information shared in this episode that we could write multiple articles about it.  However, we will settle for highlighting a couple of things about our use of aviation and allow you to enjoy the full podcast at your leisure.

1)      We are distinct from aviation ministries.  There are great organizations which exclusively use aviation as a tool to support ministry (New Tribes, JAARS, MARC, etc.).  Our use of aircraft is much more organic and practical.  Our pilots are doing various kinds of discipleship ministry and have the airplane as a support.  It is like they do ministry and drive a supercharged church van.  After all, the Cessna 206 is called the “Alaskan Pickup Truck.”  We are looking for pilots that prioritize discipleship and use aircraft as a tool for ministry.

2)      Supporting summer camps with aviation is an important aspect of our work.  Ten percent of our Church Ministries budget goes to camp flying.  Jim Stamberg commented that it was his most meaningful use of the aircraft when he lived in the bush.  Again, this is not only because we help get kids to a life changing experience, but that our pilots also can connect with the kids year after year as well as throughout the year as they go to various communities.

That is enough to wet your appetite.  Please be sure to check out this hour-long episode of The Plane Faith Podcast. 

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