Pray for Dirt

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We’ve been praying for dirt, and God is answering.  Yes, that sounds weird, so let's start from the beginning.

Aviation is a key piece of our ministry effectiveness.  So when runway reconstruction was going to force the removal of a key airplane hangar, we were concerned.  The only way to keep the hangar, and thus keep the airplane in this key location, was to build a suitable foundation on the other side of the runway.  A suitable foundation requires dirt, and in this part of the Far North that much dirt is not easy to obtain.  The runway construction team was willing to give us any extra dirt that they dug up and didn’t need for the runway.  However, they were not optimistic that there would be enough to go around.  So we started praying.  On Friday we got the good news.  God gave us dirt! (pictured above.)

We are half way there.  Now please join us in praying for ROCKS. 

We need a better/harder grade of material for the ideal ‘cap’ (or top surface) for the piece of land on which we will be building the hangar.  The last foot or so of ‘DIRT’ needs to be ROCKier to provide the needed support for a building.

This is all we were going to say as of last Friday.  However, in the time it took to verify a few details,  we received this update:

“With God’s provision and through your prayer, the dirt and rock are materializing, and I have been given the green light to disassemble the hanger in the old location and immediately rebuild the hangar in the new location!  

This is perfect timing since we will have a team here already, as well as construction equipment, etc.  As we take down the hangar and prepare to set it back up, some repairs and upgrades are needed, requiring additional materials.  The majority of the expenses come in the transportation costs, but those costs have been generously donated!  It looks like the remaining cost of the materials will be around $11,000.

Because of this change in plans, I have only a couple weeks before the materials need to be purchased and gathered to get on flights to be ready when I return with the work team.  Therefore, I am writing not only to update you but also to ask if you would prayerfully consider giving toward the needed materials to complete the rebuild and upgrades to the current hangar.  Thank you for your prayer and support in this endeavor.”


I guess the lesson here is to remember there is no such thing as being too specific or asking for something too mundane in your prayers.  Even if you pray for ‘dirt’, God may just move fast and go way beyond what you expected!   

So, let’s get speciļ¬c and start praying for dirt… I mean ROCKier DIRT… no, wait…I mean materials along with construction wisdom and safety.    

PS:  If you feel led to contribute to material costs, email the office for more details