Prayer Like Gold - Ukraine Crisis Story

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March 9, 2022

An update from E* in Ukraine:

On the first day of the war, I despaired that no one believed us, no one would help us. But these feelings led me to a new realization - the weaker we are, the greater will be God's glory. Just as Gideon was once left with only 300 soldiers, so we felt the first days of this nightmare as if we stood armed with only our jugs. 

We are amazed how that same God’s hand has stirred the entire world to pray! They believed us and our cries for help ... I praise God! 

Each of your prayers is like a nugget of gold, like a drop of rain, like another minute of life. We greatly appreciate it! We turn to the same God who humbled Nebuchadnezzar, who struck down 185,000 troops with one Angel, and who delivered the faithful from the fiery furnace!

May God bless you all!

*Name has been abbreviated to protect the safety of those involved.