Preparing to Help - Ukraine Crisis Story

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March 12, 2022

From a pastor in Poland:

As Ukrainians continue to flee their country into Poland, our church along with many others will be offering support to as many arrivals as possible over the coming days and weeks. We are expecting some women and children in the next few hours from our partner churches in Ukraine and we are preparing to meet the needs of as many as possible after that.

The situation for the refugees is very difficult after queueing for days at the border and having to leave their husbands and fathers behind (men aged 18-60 are not allowed to leave the country). We know that there will be a real need for accommodation (including rental flats) and support with arranging transport to other parts of Europe where they may already have family or friends. Our church members are contributing financially. To meet the full scale of this need, however, we would truly appreciate the financial support from our friends across the globe.