Reflections on Sight

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We are sharing the SEND North blog today with one of our Interns, Rachael Allen.  She is currently serving in Northern Canada.  The following is an excerpt of her reflections on the struggle facing young Christians after summer camp.

“As we came back from camp and returned to our town, I could visibly see the inner battle between darkness and light, blindness and sight in the actions of one boy who was talking in the van.

We had a ministry coffee night the same night we returned home where we all were there for him and the other youth in the town to laugh, talk and love on him. Yet so were his friends and his video games. His face lit up when he was there in the ministry centre with us, he laughed with joy while baking cookies, playing games and running and goofing around with us, but then would stop and become conflicted when his friends came in and urged him to come outside with them. He paused in playing the game with us, promised to return, and then ran outside to answer the beckoning calls of his friends. He came back inside after a few minutes and joined our laughing, crazy circle of card games, then returned outside again to the peer pressure, literally calling his name.

I could see it in his eyes, the darkness and light interlocked in a dangerous game of tug of war. My heart longs for him to thrive, grow and be mentored in his faith, to see him loving Jesus and living for him, yet the depths of his heart desire the clutches of darkness. The only thing I can say isn’t to him, but to my Heavenly Father. I can only intercede on his behalf and trust that the True Light of the world will be fighting on his battle with darkness and bring him back into the light so that he can truly see.” 

You can read the full story and follow Rachael’s internship on her blog at 


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