Search and Rescue

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When a blizzard hits in the Far North even going to the grocery store in a small village can be dangerous.

One of our teammates this winter had this experience as they aided in two search and rescues during such a storm.  They wrote:

“We’ve had lots of blizzards here over the last few weeks. Last week, multiple individuals got lost during a storm just traveling from the store to their houses!

Search and rescue teams were sent out multiple times looking for people. I volunteered to help with one of the searches. One guy was found just as I was getting ready to go out. He was lost for 8 hours. Thank God that he was ok and was found with his four-wheeler about a mile north of the village.

We searched for about 45 minutes for another guy. Finally, I spotted something dark in the middle of the white-out. I went over to check, and praise God, we found him. He was about a mile northwest of the village. He, too, was ok and we got him back to the police department.

People are always very thankful when others are willing to risk their safety to help look for those who are lost.

Praise God for answered prayer. I know for some of you it may be hard to imagine how you can get lost or disoriented in town, but if you take the words off this white screen, that’s pretty close to what it looks like driving around looking for people in a blizzard. We use GPS, phones, and radios to keep ourselves safe, but it can be kind of nerve-racking. thankfully there are no trees out here to run into!”

Please continue to pray for our teams who are always out on a spiritual search and rescue mission!