Sharing Water - Ukraine Crisis Story

Sharing water with Ukrainian refugees
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Could you imagine 50 people sharing 1 bottle of water over the course of 20 hours? This is the stark reality for people trying to escape the conflict zones.

From one of our church partners in Ukraine:
God in His mercy gives us the opportunity to serve people. When you see how your help makes people happy, what they were like before meeting with us, it inspires us to do even more good! Also when people receive hope in God and grow in trust in Him, we want to do even more to reveal Him!

Today we transferred to an oblast (region) what was necessary, a place where there are fierce battles and people don't have anything at all.

Also we sent supplies to a village just 10 kilometers from the border with Russia. People there don't have anything either, because Russian soldiers have taken everything and the stores have been destroyed.

We handed out water on evacuation trains, where it often happens that there is one bottle of water for a whole wagon, and they are traveling for more than 20 hours -- 50 people!

We were able to evangelize children and hold three groups at the church [for adults], where we talked about a living relationship with God and handed out bags of groceries to people.

We thank you that you are in fellowship with us.