Small Gifts, Big Impact - Ukraine Crisis Story

Flowers bring smiles to people in Ukraine
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Sometimes the smallest gifts make the biggest impact. This was the case in this story below from one of our church partners in Ukraine:

This week was full of ministry, including handing out 120 bags of groceries, unloading humanitarian aid trucks, helping with the personal needs of people in their places, and cooking porridge for civilians. I got the idea of buying flowers for women who received aid from us. I thought maybe it wasn't time for this yet, but when I saw the smiles and tears of happiness of the refugees, I understood that it had been the right decision. One of the women told me: "I want to thank you for everything, for clothing, for groceries, but especially for the flowers -- it is a symbol of hope, mercy and peace." When you hear what people are saying, how hard it was for them to live under occupation or under gunfire or how they evacuated -- and then see the smiles at the flowers and aid, you understand that you are doing the right thing. Also the businessman from whom I bought the flowers, when he found out who they were for, gave me some of them for free.

Thanks for the help you have given. May the Lord bless and protect you. Peace to you!

Your prayers and gifts (big and small) are truly making a difference in Ukraine!