Still Serving - Ukraine Crisis Story

A Ukrainian pastor serving refugees
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A retired Pastor's home was destroyed, but he still continues to serve those who have lost everything  and share the Good News.

From the camp ministry where he serves:

Andriy* (retired pastor in his 70's) is caring for refugees at a camp and delivering aid to people in the surrounding areas. His son, Yaroslav*, was the director of the camp. Currently, his son is in a territorial defense unit, a standalone branch of the country’s armed forces. Pastor Andriy’s* home, built by his dad, was destroyed.

During and after occupation by those who invaded, the camp has provided drinking water, electricity, shelter, food, Sunday services and a ministry of care for those whose houses and apartments were destroyed. Volunteers are bringing comfort and God’s news to everyone staying at the camp.

Please pray for Andriy* and the vital ministry at this camp.