Supplies Going In, People Coming Out - Ukraine Crisis Story

Relief supplies for Ukraine
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Supplies going in and people coming out of Eastern Ukraine is the "new normal" for our ministry partners in Ukraine. Here is an update from two church partners working together in Ukraine:

We accept migrants from the east of Ukraine who go to the west of Ukraine. This is approximately 150-200 people per day. Every day, 3-4 cars full of help go to Kyiv, from there they return back with people who were evacuated.

In the last few days, more and more fighter planes are flying over us. Ukrainian military equipment is moving more and more near the highway. But despite this, we continue to serve and help people. These two days were hard work. We received a whole car of help and packed it into 150 packages. We also bought grain, oil, groceries and packed 16 bags for families with children with disabilities, large families, and pregnant mothers. Also, today we handed over to our local military battalion food packages for their families. According to them, this is a great support for their families and children who do not see their fathers. That is, we distributed these packages to families whose husbands serve in the army.

In the new church, we are having difficulty paying the rent for the church premises. We were very grateful for the help in our ministry and help in paying for the rent of the premises! Bless you!