Tense Situation - Ukraine Crisis Story

Refugees leaving Ukraine
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We praise God for allowing His church in Ukraine to be a place of refuge. Here is an update from a church partner in Ukraine:

Our situation is tense. The air raid sirens are constantly going off. We can hear explosions. The air defense system is working. Today a rocket hit a nearby town. Otherwise, everything is OK. We help people with food and many spend the night in the church. Yesterday 30 people spend the night in the church basement. Every night we have at least 10.

We organized for three busses and brought people out of a conflict zone. They are being bombed, shelled and shot. We also took some humanitarian supplies there. Right now, we are running a food bank. We are filling the stress.

We take refugees to the train station or the border. In a word, we are trying to be Christians during war. Praise God for everything!