The best kind of breakdown

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By David Minchez, SEND missionary from Guatemala to Spain — I am happy to share with you the following story to praise God. There is a feast in the heavens. In January 2014, I needed to look for a mechanic to repair our car. Our Heavenly Father, in his perfect plans, allowed me to meet Alberto.

We began a relationship of friendship, and I found out that Alberto's grandmother attended the Church of Villanueva del Arzobispo when he was a child. She always gave a good testimony to her family and Alberto sometimes accompanied her to church.

This year, our car was ruined and had to spend more time at the mechanic than normal. But the Lord used our car troubles to confirm the gospel in Alberto’s life.

In Spain, we hand out a calendar each year with texts and a small daily reflection called “The Good Seed.” Alberto's grandmother read it every day. Alberto saw one of these calendars in my car, and told me with tears in his eyes that he remembered his grandmother.

I invited him to visit us at church and he agreed. On his second visit to our church, the Holy Spirit touched Alberto’s heart and he trusted in Christ as his Savior. The Lord in these years has allowed us to see the fruit of 19 lives turned over to Christ. Now with Alberto, we’ve seen 20. Glory to the Lord! 

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