The Church Came to Help - Ukraine Crisis Story

Refugees find clothing at a local church
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From one of our church partners in Ukraine:

"The beginning of our family story is sad. On the day, when the war broke out, we endured a night with horrible bombing. Our apartment got damaged: the windows got broken, the door was knocked out with the blast wave. It was a cold winter and we had no electricity, water, heating or gas. For 10 days we endured it, we were lying between the rooms face-to-floor, shaking because of the sound of the planes that flew above us. Then the situation got worse. During one bombing we ran to the garage, hoping to be evacuated to a safe place. In the car there were 2 adults, 2 kids, my old mother, 2 cats and a dog. We could take only one bag each with documents into the car. We got to my mother’s city. After arriving we found out that my mum's house burnt down because a shell had flown into it. Now she has no place to live. Everything was burnt to ashes. We are currently living in the dormitory because we lost our jobs since the factory where we worked was bombed and destroyed.

In the most difficult moment of our lives, the church came to help us. It literally saved and supported us. The church helps us with food, medicines for our old mother, and with pet food. We even got dishes, towels, personal hygiene items because we had absolutely nothing. We ran out of our house wearing one set of underwear and winter clothes. It's summer now and the church helped us with clothes and shoes for the spring and we also have what to wear in the summer. The church has become a real salvation for our family and our support in this hard time. We are grateful to these kind and heartfelt people. They have big hearts."