The Gathering

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The “Gathering” is an annual meeting of representatives from many Christian organizations that work among First Nations people across Canada.   The purpose is to provide a platform for fellowship, relationship building, cross-fertilization of ideas, and collaboration.  Times of sharing encouraging stories of what God has done as well as struggles and disappointments accomplish the goal of building trust and understanding. Barriers are broken down and deep relationships are built as leaders from different organizations pray for each other.    

This year the Gathering was held in May near Dryden, Ontario and I attended along with Derek and Jenny Baker who serve with SEND in Teslin, Yukon.  I enjoyed the open discussions on issues we all face, hearing what has been successful and what hasn’t worked well at all.  I was made aware of some resources and articles that I believe will be very helpful to us in SEND.  A real highlight for us this year was the opportunity to meet with some older First Nation leaders.  It was a privilege to hear them tell what God has done over the past decades.  Their perspective on several current issues was enlightening. 

 I came away from the Gathering with a renewed sense that God is at work among First Nations people across Canada.  It is his work and he is accomplishing it through many people in many organizations.  What a privilege to get to know them, learn from them, pray with them, collaborate with them, and realize that we are serving one God with one purpose.

John Wicker
Regional Director - Americas
SEND International