The Real Cost of Living

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It’s a challenge to raise a family and be a Godly Christian.  How much harder would it be if the food was hard to come by and you didn’t have a vibrant church family?   

Just north of you, life is harsher than you realize and people are desperate for the saving Love of God.  

By compiling data from seven of our communities, we will give you a glimpse at life and ministry above the 60th parallel on the North American Continent.   

So read on and begin to understand the challenge, our vision, and how you can help. 

Three graphics describing the cost and isolation of living this far north.

Image showing the strong Native American population in each community

stats showing the extreme environment which makes life difficult.

SEND North brings in believers who live intentional, exemplary, Christ-like lives.  We want to saturate these communities with God’s love!

Please, go to and discover how you can be involved.


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