Through the wasteland

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Young people at a Russian summer camp donned gas masks and took part in a weeklong quest through the woods surrounding Transformation Christian Center in the Central Black Soil Region.

The camp borrowed its theme from a Ukrainian-developed video game in which guides explore a radioactive wasteland, desperately seeking the rumored Wish Granter.

In the camp’s take on the story, Christians are the guides, leading seekers to a person who grants forgiveness: Jesus Christ.

Toward the end of the week of exploration and teaching, conversation and fellowship, a local pastor stepped into the role of guide. As he gave the evening message, he asked the campers if any of them were ready to meet Christ, but cautioned them to choose thoughtfully.

Nine of the campers decided to follow him to the throne of grace!

Two of the young women who repented, Nika and Vika, have started attending church with one of SEND’s families. Pray that, as their faith deepens, they will develop into strong believers equipped to guide others toward trusting Christ.

— By Josie Oldenburg, SEND Communications


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