Watch your step!

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"The year that I turned away from drinking I know quite a few that left drinking.  That was a revival year – that was the turning point in a lot of people's lives.  That year in Copper Center and Gulkana I think there were thirty or more people who turned to the Lord.  Once they get saved, they will go to church.  They will come.  Some people go strong for three or four years and then, I don't know, something causes them to fall back.  I can't give the answer to a Christian why a person falls when he believes in the Lord.  But I've seen this.  You can go back faster than you came to know the Lord.  A lot of people that really went out for the Lord turned back and they never returned.  But for me, I just want God to use me in my village, here in my church, and help evangelize in other villages too." – Harry Johns circa 1948.

Last week we touched on sowing seed and how it can be a struggle.  Another struggle is that of local believers standing strong in the faith over the long haul.  A big part of growth in the Lord is plugging into a group of believers who can walk with you, encourage you, and show you how to live a victorious life.   While this is a common struggle for everyone who comes to Jesus, the 60/70 Window houses a unique challenge.   When you live in a remote village you can't get away from your old life.  It is right in your face and you still need your old friends for survival.  Those communities are tight nit so it is not an easy balancing act.  Yet another example of the importance of discipleship which is reflected in our mission statement. 

Not only do we want people to come to Jesus, we want to people to experience a lifetime of victories.  This is why we are here, but it takes a community effort.  Survival in the Far North works when people pull together.  So it is with reaching the Far North.  We invite you to connect with us electronically on social media.  Why not start with reading the free report, God's Extreme Love; Life and Ministry in the Far North.? Follow SEND North on social media: Facebook      Twitter     Google+    LinkedIn    Pinterest