Where the Needy Get Help - Ukraine Crisis Story

A bombed school in Ukraine
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A story of one Ukrainian family:

"Since March 11 my hometown has been occupied. It is almost destroyed. There are no hospitals, no drug stores, no supermarkets anymore. The school, where I have worked for 20 years, was bombed and destroyed. The ceiling from the second floor fell straight onto my working table. When I saw my classroom photo after the bombing, I cried for a long time.

However, life goes on. My family and I left my hometown. The Lord led us to safer location. Some kind people told us that there is a church in the city and the needy can get help there. We turned for help and we were accepted to a warm-hearted family. They have been helping us with everything: clothes, food, medicines, personal hygiene items. But most importantly, they have always listened to us and have given a good piece of advice. Our family is very thankful to the church. May God give you health, joy and happiness!"