Women's ministry training

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Do you have a personal mission statement?
Have you ever stopped to wonder, “Am I doing what I was designed for?”

In October, 27 women from all over the world gathered on the SEND campus in Michigan for an intensive development week. The women chose from three training modules, one of which was “The Significant Woman.” Experienced mentors guided the participants in discovering their mission and passion and writing their own personal mission statement.

“It helps to narrow your focus,” said Sonia Ashe, a SEND woman who participated. “You learn to say ‘no’ so you can say a stronger ‘yes!’”

In fact, all of the modules offered the opportunity to be more free in Christ as the women learn more about Him and who they are in Him. The women are also taught how to share what they have learned with others.

This development week is an annual event hosted by SEND’s Women’s Ministry Team (WMT). The team is committed to the ongoing personal and professional development of all SEND women and provides accessible, relevant and transferable training options that will allow them to grow and develop in their passions and gifts.

Dorothy Janzen leads the WMT, which includes representatives from each of SEND’s fields. She says, “We seek to provide a holistic approach to care for our women.  Not only offering ‘skill training’ in facilitation methods or Bible study skills, but modules focusing on personal growth and renewal opportunities as well.”

Since 2008, over 55 SEND women have taken at least one module of equipping offered in an intensive women-to-women setting, either at the Michigan campus or another location. The training is also open to women of other organizations. The October training included women from four mission agencies and five churches.

Jill Hemingway enjoyed building relationships with the other participants. “Your bonds go deep fast. It is a safe place to be real and accepted,” she said.

SEND’s WMT continues to expand its women’s training materials and options. Previously, the ministry training used curriculum developed by Entrust, a sister organization for the training and equipping of shepherd leaders. But this year, the WMT has begun including a broader range of equipping material and is working closely with Wendy Wilson, a Missio Nexus consultant for women’s development, to create that training.

Jill and Sonia were both grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow, especially in a setting that includes women from all over the world. “Being with other women, fellowshipping and singing praises together is wonderful. That is a blessing I never expected.”

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