Your church sending missionaries well

Pathways for Sending Your Missionaries Well

  1. Your missionaries join a SEND team in one of more than 20 countries around the world. Explore opportunities to serve. 
  2. Your missionaries join a healthy receiving team through a partner organization.
  3. SEND helps to train and support your missionaries as they join your church’s existing work among a people group.

How SEND Helps Missionaries Thrive

SEND helps your members get to new ministry locations, and helps them flourish and thrive once they arrive. We offer: 
  • Personalized coaching
  • Hands-on internships
  • Reliable donation processing
  • Consistent prayer support 
  • Training for the whole family, kids included
  • Medical and retirement benefits
  • Fund-raising expertise
  • Effective teaming
  • Pre-field assessments
  • Dedication to lifelong learning and spiritual growth
  • Cross-cultural preparation
  • Multicultural teams

Let us know how we can help your church send well.

Inspiring members for mission
Equipping those who go
Caring for those you've sent

SENDing Well

This monthly electronic newsletter for church leaders offers encouragement and resources to help you develop a passion for missions in your congregation and for sending missionaries who thrive.


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