How Agriculture Opened Doors and Hearts in an Isolated Village
January 2024

By a member of Team Hope in Southeast Asia | Asia

Across the river from the village where Team Hope had been working lay a secluded community known for its strict privacy and long-standing isolation. Access to this insulated
area was granted only upon receiving an invitation from someone within. Our opportunity for engagement arose through a welcomed encounter. 

Two young men from the village ventured out to participate in Team Hope's summer basketball tournament, held on a court near their village's path. This basketball league served as the first step in building trust. Upon hearing about Team Hope's upcoming free medical clinic in a nearby town, these young men brought the news to their village leaders, who approached Team Hope with an invitation to bring their medical clinic to their village. 

youth basketball summer tournament

On the morning of the clinic, our team, with visiting doctors and nurses, crossed the river into a village of a few hundred people tucked away under coconut trees. During the clinic, the village leaders closely observed Team Hope's interactions with their people, witnessing the love and care displayed through personal visits with medical staff, health lectures, medicines, counseling, and prayer sessions. They recognized Team Hope's genuine love for God and for their people, and Team Hope was welcomed into their homes as longtime friends. 

Eye check at medical clinic

Preparing the Soil 

In the early afternoon, the village's key religious leader invited Team Hope to visit his garden, which was struggling due to poor soil conditions and a lack of regular water. Team Hope extended an invitation to this gentle leader to visit their development farm, where he could learn about organic methods that would improve and protect his soil in an affordable manner. 

The following week, four religious leaders and six other men and women from this community came to spend a couple of days at Team Hope's farm to participate in seminars and hands-on training on various sustainable agriculture practices, including FAITH (Food Always in the Home) gardening, SALT (Sloping Agricultural Land Technology), organic composting with worms, and broad-spectrum ecological management with reforestation and sustainable land management techniques.

SALT (Sloping Agricultural Land Technology)

Planting the Seeds

As Team Hope walked them through the farm, they shared stories of God and how He created them and this land, emphasizing their role as stewards of the land. The men and women from the village were inspired by the possibilities that these practices could bring to their community. They requested that Team Hope return to their village to provide more training and share more stories of God during an upcoming community gathering. 

Team Hope's development farm serves as a demonstration and training center where families from nearby communities come to learn sustainable, organic farming methods and dairy-goat raising techniques to ensure a steady income and food source for their families. Agriculture students from a local university also use the farm as a place to do "on-the-job training," learning various farming techniques such as SALT, which utilizes 'wasted' hillsides for productive farming. Additionally, they cultivate FAITH organic gardens.

FAITH organic garden

Watering the Seedlings 

In the past three years, hundreds of families in the surrounding communities have developed FAITH organic gardens on their small plots of land. Team Hope's household vegetable production program has yielded incredible results.  

Through weekly visits to each garden, Team Hope provides technical training, troubleshooting assistance, and tailored solutions for the unique challenges faced by each family. This program has not only provided families with the knowledge and resources for successful gardening but has also strengthened family bonds, generated additional income from selling surplus vegetables, fostered interest in Scripture, and promoted character development. 

Waiting for Harvest 

The once isolated village now welcomes Team Hope daily into their homes and gardens. As a result, we are witnessing families grow in health, strengthen their relationships, and engage in small Bible studies that have started in their homes. We pray that, in God’s time, they will surrender their lives to Christ.  

We invite you to join God’s work by praying for Team Hope or giving to Team Hope’s General Fund as we continue to share the light and love of Jesus through agriculture. Your generosity can open more doors for us as we expand our farming programs to more Southeast Asian communities.

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