'I can do it!' Four ways to motivate kids to connect to global outreach
May 2021

By Jayne Russell in Ukraine — When a seed is planted in a child’s heart for missions, it has the potential for great results. Motivating children to think and live globally begins by focusing on what they CAN do at whatever age they are.  

Children can PRAY. 

They can pray for personal and family needs. They can pray that children of missionaries will adjust to new cultures. They can pray for children of other cultures to hear about Jesus as their Savior. They can pray for children of Unreached People Groups to meet believers so that they, too, can learn about Jesus as their Savior. Here’s a great story about one child’s powerful prayer. 

Children can GIVE. 

Children can collect money to give to missions. They can do odd jobs for parents, neighbors, and church members. They can collect recyclables. They can give a portion of unexpected money (birthday gifts, for example) to missions work. Giving to missions from an early age builds a habit that can last a lifetime. Here’s how one Awana program connected its children to missionary work. 

Children can TESTIFY. 

Children can tell others about how God has answered prayer, and if applicable, how they came to salvation in Christ. This keeps them looking for ways that God is working in their lives. Yes, it is scary to stand in front of a crowd, but that feeling will eventually go away as they get used to it. Children can also play a role in evangelism. Children can participate in evangelistic outreaches by playing musical instruments, singing, and reciting poems. 

Children can SERVE. 

Serving helps develop a sense of belonging with a specific group. That group can be family, church, Sunday School, Youth Group, and/or friends. Studies have shown that when a person is active in a church group, they are more likely to stay in the church because they feel like they belong.

One of SEND’s newest missionaries is a young woman who grew up in a church that gave her opportunities to serve from a young age. Her mission coach said, “Because she served as a child, her ministry skills are better developed than we usually expect in someone of her age.”

Service can include yard chores, house help for elderly and handicap people, teaching younger children, setting up for church events, passing out invitations to church in the community, and so on. 

Is your church planning a Vacation Bible School this summer? Here are a few low-stress ways to incorporate missions!

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Jayne Russell
Jayne has a heart for children and for the nations, and she combines these passions as she equips the Ukrainian church to inspire their young people to missions.