Passion Kindled at Misión Posible
November 2022

By Brooke Nagel Spain on SEND’s Spain | Europe team

It has been a long journey these past few years. Starting with having to cancel our event a few weeks prior and turn the whole thing virtual in just two weeks. Then spending 74 days in my apartment, and various lockdowns throughout the two years after, too many zoom calls to count, social distancing, masks, and a really difficult atmosphere to build community, especially amongst youth. 
But we were finally able to come together this year with 321 youth from all over Spain and celebrate Misión Posible (Mission Possible)! The theme of the event was Síguele, which means follow him. Our team worked really hard to take the last week of Jesus' life, leading up to His resurrection, and integrate it into the event which occurred over Easter weekend. 

I think new relationships were one of my absolute favorite parts about Misión Posible. During the free time I was in the “chill-out” area and a girl approached me wanting to talk after hearing me share in the main session. Next thing I knew there was a line of six people waiting to talk with me. It was such a blessing to be able to spend time listening to these youth, hear about where God is calling them, cry with them, pray with them, and just be there. It is the motivation for why I do what I do every day! Knowing that there are youth who are hearing from God and wanting to serve Him with their lives is the greatest joy. I am very thankful that I can form a small part of that, and that God would choose to use me in His work. 

On the last day of Misión Posible we invited youth to come and pray to make a decision to follow Jesus. We had six youth who had never prayed before decide to give their lives to Jesus! We also took an offering for Ukraine efforts that our churches are giving to here in Spain, and the youth gave over 1,200 euros! I was truly blown away by their hearts to give. 

After Misión Posible things have not slowed down. Being able to get together and connect has inspired the youth and the youth leaders to continue to build community. In each area of Spain, there are all sorts of events happening and gatherings being planned. 

The work continues!

Millions of people in Europe remain unreached, whether they are lost in a post-Christian world or are recent immigrants from countries closed to the gospel witness. Learn more about SEND’s teams in Europe. 

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