Fan Mail: A Little Love For Those Serving In The Home Church

By Rob "Mags" Magwood
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Some of the heroes of God’s global mission are not just those boarding the planes, trains or other means of transportation in order to teach or serve or preach among unreached peoples.

They serve at home on the mission committee.

These are the folks who meet in a church boardroom or classroom on the first Monday evening of every month to pray, plan, and wrestle with how to help their church do global missions well. It’s a job facing many important questions:

  • How can we help our pastor motivate our congregation to participate in global missions?
  • How will we love and care for our missionary family coming home on furlough next month?
  • How can we sort through and manage the reams of information about missions coming from websites, Facebook, Instagram, etc. etc. etc…?
  • How will we prioritize our budget? And how can we be confident that an unfamiliar agency will be good stewards of our money and our people?
  • How will we find an engaging speaker for this year’s missions conference?

And this is just a sampling from those monthly agendas…

So whether you serve a church of 30, 300 or 3,000 we want to recognize your service behind the scenes that enables missionaries to be sent out. They, in turn, can present the Good News about Jesus to those who may never have heard, and the impact may be eternal! We send out a SHOUT of encouragement and thanks to those faithful missions committee volunteers who invest hours of energy, love and prayer into God’s work to make His Name famous around the world!

We, together with your churches, thank the Lord for you, and pray for VISION, JOY and ENCOURAGEMENT. Thank you for your service.

 "And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?" - Apostle Paul in Romans 10

"Mags” (Rob Magwood) serves with SEND International of Canada. He’s been a member of the missions committee, a church planter, a theological educator, and agency administrator. Part of his heart is to provide clear, effective tools to help God’s people participate in the Great Commission.

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Other questions to consider:

  • How should we include our youth group in missions? Our kids? Our small groups?
  • How do we ensure we respect and inform our pastor/church leadership about global missions?
  • How do we support local missions while we promote global missions?
  • Should we send the youth group on another short-term missions trip this year?
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