What Does a "Win" Look Like?

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On a trip in Manitoba last week, I enjoyed a coffee break with a businessman. As we talked about the intersection of business and mission, he posed a simple but profound question:  "What does a 'win' look like for SEND?" Of course, I've often thought about our goals, and SEND is working hard to refine and enact appropriate metrics for global missions. This particular question, however, required laser-like focus on our top priorities - what do we exist to do?

Our Purpose

Our over-arching purpose is to establish reproducing churches among the unreached people of the world. SEND personnel are trying to "work themselves out of a job" so that local believers can assume leadership of culturally appropriate, God-honouring communities. The essential common ground is God's love and biblical truth, not cultural expression. Our hope is that in time each group, using their own language, will lead their own churches, write their own books (if they are literate), compose their own worship material, and reach out effectively to their own communities (who better?) and beyond. Without question, it's a big dream "win". We think it's well worth the effort.

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Rob “Mags” Magwood is the Canadian Director of SEND International. Together with his wife, Kathleen, and their kids he has served as a teacher and church-planter in Ukraine and Russia. Rob is also the host of the Global Missions Podcast.

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