More Than One Way

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What is ministry?  How do you do it?  There seems to be a ton of resources out there to answer that question. It is a little overwhelming at times.  Our German intern, Danilo John, had one simple thought on that subject which I felt was worth sharing.  Dan experienced that there is more than one way to do ministry.  The following is his short list of various ways he was able to ‘do ministry’:

  • Helping with kids club
  • Leading a young life group
  • Jr High Sunday School
  • Working on building projects
  • Taking someone out for ice cream
  • Just help with whatever is needed without complaining
  • Visiting a neighbor


Yes, anything can be used to ‘do ministry’.  This is a simple idea which can’t encompass all that makes up ministry.  However, this simple idea is essential because we can also overcomplicate ministry.  It is so easy to think ‘ministry’ is for the professionals.  In reality, God can use any activity to minister to people and expand His Kingdom.  The motivation to share the love of Christ can turn any event into ministry.  

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So, I wonder, what simple thing can God use to do ministry through you?