A Heart is Transformed During Lockdown

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“Now I understand! Yes, I want to believe!” Ana’s new friend exclaimed as Ana shared the Good News with her. She excitedly put her faith in Jesus and repented of her sins. Though they had never met in person, Ana led this woman into an eternal relationship with Jesus through a screen.

Screen to Screen

Ideally, ministry takes place face to face. But when stay-at-home orders are put in place, “the show” must find another way “to go on”! Ana Aquino, a SEND missionary in Japan, decided to pursue ministry over the platform Zoom (something I’m sure most are aware of and almost all are tired of using). After connecting through a mutual friend from Canada, Ana began having Zoom meetings with Isla*, a Filipina living in Japan.

From the start, Ana began to share God’s good news with this new friend on the screen. Although Isla had heard the gospel before, this time her eyes were opened! Leaving her old life behind, she believed in Jesus and took her first steps into a new life.

Discipleship in the Home

After Isla’s confession of faith, Ana knew that screen time with her would only increase. It was now time for discipleship. Ana and Isla began meeting each week to grow in understanding of God and what faith looks like when it’s lived out. This was all done while following the government's stay-at-home order.

“I can feel her hunger to know Christ,” Ana said, “she is experiencing the transformation, the power of the Holy Spirit in her life.” Before meeting Jesus, Isla led a troubled life in the darkness, with no light. Now God has radically changed her heart and Ana has seen the fruit of her decision even amidst isolation. Isla has chosen to give up things like gambling, immorality, and anything that is dishonoring God.

“She is very vocal in her declaration about how God is transforming her heart. She really wants to share this with her Japanese in-laws and her friends.” Ana is working very hard to train and equip her new sister in the Lord. As the country opens up again, Isla will be ready to spread the hope she has received with those around her.

God is not held captive to borders closing or houses being shut.

Opening Up

God is not held captive to borders closing or houses being shut. Throughout stay-at-home orders and the chaos of the pandemic, the Spirit has been on the move. Even through buffering screen connections, God is opening the eyes of those in darkness, seeking the lost, and making them family.

*Name changed for privacy reasons.

Written by Amy Magwood

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