Celebrating 20 Years of Chinese Diaspora Ministry

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In 1999 the Lord called Martyn and Jill Hartley to help take the Good News to Chinese merchants and students living and working in Russia. In the years following, the vision for Chinese Diaspora Ministry (CDM) continued to grow as God called others to participate in the work! Many Chinese Canadians now contribute talent, time, and finances to engaging Chinese people who have left their homeland and are living elsewhere. Prior to the travelling restrictions due to COVID-19, Chinese Diaspora Ministry trips were taking place not only in Russia, but in Ukraine, other Eastern European countries and Latin America! In 2019 there were 25 CDM short-term trips with 27 professions of faith. 

Many Chinese Canadians now contribute talent, time, and finances to engage Chinese who have left their homeland.

In early March 2020 nearly 100 people gathered in Toronto to commemorate 20 years of God’s faithfulness through CDM. Not only did the leaders celebrate God’s goodness over the years, they looked forward, presenting the vision of broadening the scope of the CDM to other Unreached People Groups. 

Chinese Diaspora Ministry Participants in Toronto in March 2020

May the Lord continue to raise up new, faith-filled workers to go to the Chinese and other unreached people!

“CDM leaders relentlessly pursued a vision to bring the gospel to dispersed Chinese living in hard-to-reach places. May courage and resolve continue to shape our ministries as we press forward with the good news of God's love to the ends of the earth."

- Warren Janzen,
International Director,
SEND International

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