A model for intentional evangelism

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By J.W. in Eurasia

SEND proclaims urgency as one of its values: “In light of the urgency of the hour and the lostness of people, we are committed to a life of obedience which calls us to endure hardship as soldiers of Jesus Christ in order to proclaim the gospel and see His church established.”

One of our SEND Eurasia workers takes a very intentional approach to living out this value.

This worker meets people every day — on the street, in his neighborhood, in the schoolyard, at church, on the bus, etc. He makes a list of people he meets so that he can reconnect with them later. His goal is to try to establish a relationship that will allow him to share the gospel and to connect the person with other believers.

When he meets people, he gives them his number and lets them know they can call him at any time if they need anything. When they call to verify his number, he saves their number so he can reach them, too.

On his list, he writes down information that will help him reconnect with them in the future: name, age, phone number and the last time they met. He also records specific notes about the person, such as the location where they met or the topic of their conversation. Using his list as a guide, he tries to reconnect with each person within a week or so.

He also uses this list as a reminder and a way to intelligently pray for those people with whom he comes into contact.

The people on his list come from various economic and social backgrounds. Some of them he has met with just once; with others, he has been able to maintain a continual relationship. Some have started to go to church, and some have come to know the Lord! We can learn a lot from this worker’s intentionality and urgency in reaching the lost for Christ.