Creative Thinking in a Changing World

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Adam and Angela Sapelak were missionaries for six years in Spain, where Adam participated in ministry at two local churches. The generation ahead of Adam had planted a seed in his heart to reach the nations with God's love! Adam is now transplanting that seed into the next generation through an exciting new role in the SEND Canada home office.

As Ambassador for Creative Advance, Adam is improving SEND’s readiness to celebrate, embrace and activate the potential of younger missionaries, including Millennials and Generation Z. Adam is also advancing SEND’s use of creative arts (music, art, drama) in taking the gospel message to unreached people.

"Adam's ministry taught him that true fruit multiplies when he invests in others."

Adam’s ministry in Spain taught him that true fruit multiplies when he authentically pours himself and his service into others. He is striving to do that now so that the hope of Christ may impact the nations through SEND missionaries in a powerful way!

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