Kingdom Impact!

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Written by Merla Gogel, SEND Canada mobilizer.

It is nojust the evangelist who is reaching those who have not heard of Jesus. God is sending all kinds of people around the world to use their various gifts, skills and expertise to have a Kingdom impact.  

Lee and Karen’s Ministry 

In the late 1990s, Lee and Karen* followed God’s leading to begin a new ministry. The goal was to better equip English language teachers who want to teach as a means of evangelistic outreach. The ministry has now developed into a training school, accessible to English teachers all over Asia. As the teachers implement Lee and Karen’s methods, they see their students growing in their English ability! 

In addition to the teacher training, the local English teachers are also equipped with how to share their faith effectively. They have discovered that showing the love of Christ often leads to sharing the message of Christ. These language teachers are having a spiritual impact on their students which is far more important!  

Lee and Karen quickly recognized that the teachers they train have deep needs of their own. Some of them have arrived at the training school nearly burned out. One young teacher, who was ready to quit, was rejuvenated by the care and support that Lee and Karen gave him. He returned to his ministry, not only better equipped to teach English, but refreshed and encouraged. He is motivated to help his students not only grow in their capacity to speak English but also to hear about Jesus. 

International Impact 

Lee and Karen’s Kingdom impact is not just limited to one country. God, in amazing ways, is opening doors to more countries in Asia to which Lee and Karen are bringing this effective training.  

In one country that Lee and Karen recently visited, a Christian lady teaches English to children in poverty because the government considers it a waste to invest financial resources in such children. This lady enrolled in Lee’s training and is now implementing the new principles and methods. When others noticed how well the children were grasping the language, the number of schools under her care expanded from 4 to 19! Even better, while these children are growing in their English capacity, they are also opening their hearts to the love of Christ being shown to them. 

Making a Difference 

God provided a unique way for Lee and Karen to have Kingdom impact through training English teachers. Mission workers like them can GO because of the support of SENDers like you!  

Thank you for supporting your mission worker to advance Kingdom impact with SEND. 

*Names have been changed for security reasons.


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